Miss Hart and her Sutured Specimens


Miss Hart, The Vegan Taxidermist, is a manipulator of fabrics and traditional techniques, devotedly hand tailoring grotesque and frivolous items for all humans, vegans, ecowarriors or for those who just like a little mirth served up with their macabre.

She is inspired by almost anything, including, but not exclusively, amongst other things: contradictions and coincidences, natural oddities and genetic engineering, ossuaries and sideshows, surrealism and realism, found objects and curated collections, joie de vivre and memento mori.

Traditionally taught from mother to daughter, Miss Hart began her love affair with sewing machines aged 6, whiling away many hours, drinking many cups of black coffee and honing her craft before studying at Wimbledon School of Art. Since then Miss Hart’s thimbled fingers have been feverishly creating the beautiful and bizarre, her mother thinks she may have created a monster.

Miss Hart’s sewing machine is situated in a ramshackle Victorian cart house in the quintessentially English seaside town of Folkestone, where she can be found designing her own patterns, mostly by frantic trial, manic error, happy accidents and a touch of ingenuity.