10 Mar 2024 – 26 Apr 2024

War and Planting: Woodpecker and Wolf

War and Planting: Woodpecker and Wolf

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Tadhg Mae Projects are proud to showcase a diverse group of artists working in various media. Each work a jewel, together, a visual feast.

Planting and War, the two most contrasting concepts of life and destruction, come together in the month of March. Named for the Roman god of War, Mars, March became a time when armies marched once again, and farmers ploughed the soil, beginning the new cycles of the land.

Mars was both the god of War and Agriculture; his animal symbolism is a Wolf but also a Woodpecker: the hunter and the hunted. In this month of contrast and the vital promise of spring, magic and earthly renewal, it appears to be the perfect time to celebrate a divergent group of artists whose work sparks opportunities for contemplation, growth, discussion, and debate

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